High-Speed Weigh-In-Motion (HSWIM) Enforcement Systems

High-Speed Weigh-In-Motion (HSWIM) Enforcement Systems

High-Speed Weigh-In-Motion (HSWIM) Enforcement Systems


Integrated Transport Centre (ITC)




In an important step towards bolstering road safety measures, Tatweer has been entrusted with the development and implementation of the High-Speed Weigh-in-Motion (HS-WiM) Enforcement System across the Abu Dhabi emirate. This groundbreaking project marks a significant leap forward in ensuring the integrity of the road infrastructure and the safety of all commuters. Harnessing cutting-edge technology, the HS-WiM Enforcement System accurately measures axle weights of moving trucks in real-time, guaranteeing adherence to regulatory standards and thereby mitigating the risk of premature road deterioration. Moreover, it serves as a robust tool for data collection, enabling authorities to formulate informed planning and management strategies.

Main Scope

  • Monitor passage of overweight trucks.
  • Reducing road lifespan and maintenance costs.
  • Providing a reliable and accurate data on the weight, dimensions and types of truck using the road network.
  • Enforcement of regulations for illegally overloaded trucks.
  • Automatic violation / tickets for the over-height trucks.
  • Data collection for planning and management purposes.
  • Avoid damage to road infrastructure assets.