About Tatweer Training

About Tatweer Training

As part of our vision and commitments to our clients, we recognize elevating the market’s enterprises operational performance and efficiency as one of our mandates.  We believe that this can be accomplished by transferring the knowledge of our operations and professional staff to our clients through by offering tailored, high-quality and cost-effective training programs designed to promote the latest state of the art innovative solutions and technologies to advance and elevate the individual and the organization’s productivity and efficiency.


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TATWEER Training Mission

TATWEER designed and is offering a comprehensive and advanced training programs structured to enforce our mission and to bridge the technological and smart solutions’ gaps within the various market sectors which we operate within. Tatweer provides a unique mix of an In-house Training and Public Training. Through our training programs, we provide specialized tailored courses for corporate clients and individuals aiming to advance their knowledge and operational performance to the new technological edge.

Tatweer training programs are affiliated, approved and accredited by one of the top highly recognized universities in the United States. In addition, Tatweer provides training programs structured and accredited by one of the top global Roadway federations. Our training programs offer specialized courses in a variety of fields including but not limited to, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning, and many others.