Unified Inspection System

Unified Inspection System

Unified Inspection System


Abu Dhabi City Municipality



Project Description

A key pillar of Abu Dhabi government’s vision for creating a secure society and a dynamic open economy is to ensure that all concerned stakeholders are aware of the Government’s goals and are moving in harmony to achieve them. In driving this initiative forward, the Government has made several changes to its structure and processes and is now engaged in reviewing and improving the legislative framework.

This project focuses on rationalizing and improving the process and procedures for issuing and monitoring permits across nine areas of Government operations.

Main Scope

Scope of services

The scope includes Design, Develop and Implement a unified monitoring and inspection system for the Abu Dhabi Government. The project has 4 phases:

Stage 1: Current State Assessment

Stage 2: Develop Strategy

Stage 3: Future State Design of Unified Inspection System

Stage 4: Roll-out of New “Unified” Inspection System