Maintenance Supervisor - UAE National

Job Description

  1. Ensure all procedures as required by the contract are followed.
  2. Be based full-time at site whenever required.
  3. To provide necessary supervision during the execution of the Works/Services and for as long thereafter as the Centre may consider necessary for the proper fulfillment of the Contractor’s obligations under the Contract.


  1. Shall have experience with maintenance, repair and making adjustments to MEP control systems, fire heat and smoke detectors, alarm systems, fire suppression systems, firefighting pump set and controller, ventilators, jet fans, exhaust fans, storm and drain pumps, switchboards and electrical control systems.
  2. Shall have knowledge and experience with SCADA and Traffic control system maintenance.

Skills + Experience

  1. BSc Engineering Degree or Diploma in appropriate Mechanical or Electronics or Electrical Engineering discipline preferably Licensed/Registered with a recognized authority.
  2. Graduation certificate must be endorsed from the Ministry of Higher Education Abu Dhabi.
  3. At least 5 years of experience out of which not less than 3 years should be related to tunnel experience.